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Brookings Institution

LOCATION: Washington, DC

TYPE: Non-Profit

SmithWorx designed a sophisticated and ergonomic workspace for the Brookings Institution, blending a timeless executive aesthetic with modern functionality.

SmithWorx was commissioned by the Brookings Institution, a renowned nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., to create a workspace that exudes a timeless, executive aesthetic. The Brookings Institution, dedicated to conducting in-depth, nonpartisan research to enhance policy and governance at local, national, and global levels, required a workspace that reflects its esteemed mission. SmithWorx's challenge was to blend this classic, executive look with modern ergonomic adjustability and user conveniences, ensuring both comfort and functionality for its users.

The goal was to achieve a perfect balance of comfort and style while subtly incorporating the organization's brand through the use of carefully selected colors and bespoke upholstery. The resulting workspace not only meets the practical needs of its users but also reinforces the Brookings Institution's brand identity in a sophisticated and understated manner. This thoughtful design approach ensures that the workspace is both inviting and conducive to the high-level work carried out by the institution, reflecting its commitment to excellence and innovation in policy research and governance.



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