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TYPE: Commercial Interior

At SmithWorx, we believe that amenity spaces deserve just as much attention and care as any other area within a building.

When our client in McLean, Virginia sought assistance in refreshing their lobby and amenity spaces, we embraced the opportunity to inject vibrancy and modernity into these communal areas.

Drawing on contemporary design trends, we infused the spaces with playful yet sophisticated patterns and pops of color, breathing new life into the environment. By incorporating fun modern patterns and vibrant hues into the soft seating arrangements, we created inviting and dynamic spaces where tenants can relax, socialize, and unwind.

Moreover, recognizing the importance of flexibility and adaptability in modern workspaces, we furnished a meeting space with flexible furniture solutions. This approach allows the space to be easily reconfigured to accommodate various activities, from collaborative meetings to informal gatherings, maximizing its utility and functionality.

Image by Toa Heftiba


We want to help you reimagine your workspace.

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