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Midcap Financial

LOCATION: Bethesda, MD

TYPE: Commercial Interior

To address Midcap Financial's need for standardizing their furniture offering and providing a timeless solution, SmithWorx embraced the challenge with a focus on creating a cohesive and enduring workspace.

Through collaborative consultations with Midcap Financial's team, we gained a deep understanding of their functional requirements, aesthetic preferences, and the long-term vision for their office environment.

Drawing upon our extensive industry knowledge and design expertise, we developed a standardized furniture solution that seamlessly blended functionality with a timeless design aesthetic. The carefully curated selection of furniture took into account the specific needs of Midcap Financial's staff, ensuring ergonomic comfort, flexible configurations, and durability.

Our approach prioritized versatility, allowing the standardized furniture to adapt to the evolving needs of Midcap Financial's dynamic workplace. The result was a cohesive and elegant office environment that not only met the immediate requirements but also laid the foundation for enduring style and functionality.


Throughout the process, SmithWorx maintained open lines of communication, ensuring that Midcap Financial's feedback was incorporated at every stage. By delivering a standardized furniture offering that aligns with Midcap Financial's vision and values, SmithWorx not only met the immediate design needs but also provided a solution that will stand the test of time, fostering a productive and timeless workspace for years to come.

Image by Copernico


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