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SmithWorx Showroom

LOCATION: Fredericksburg, VA

TYPE: Commercial Interior

Designing one's own space indeed presents unique challenges, and SmithWorx's experience was no exception.

When conceptualizing the design for our showroom, we aimed to seamlessly blend the principles of flexible, thought-driven furniture design with the rich historic context of our location. Situated on the second and third floors of the historic and meticulously restored Kenmore Beanery in downtown Fredericksburg, our space offered a wealth of industrial elements, including steel beams, exposed brick walls, and original hardwood flooring.

To honor the building's historic charm while showcasing our commitment to innovative furniture solutions, we embraced a design approach that celebrated both past and present. We carefully curated furniture pieces that complemented the industrial aesthetic, opting for sleek, modern designs that juxtaposed beautifully with the building's rugged architectural features.

In addition to highlighting our expertise in flexible furniture design, we also utilized the showroom as a canvas to demonstrate the versatility and adaptability of our products. By showcasing various configurations and applications, we aimed to inspire our clients and visitors while providing practical insights into our design philosophy.


Through meticulous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for the building's heritage, SmithWorx's showroom became more than just a space to display furniture—it became a testament to the harmonious coexistence of history and innovation. It serves as a living embodiment of our dedication to thoughtful design, flexibility, and creativity, while honoring the rich legacy of the Kenmore Beanery and its place in Fredericksburg's history.

Image by Copernico


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